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  1. There is a saying’familiarity breeds contempt”. We learn something , then repeat that thinking process or activity without actively thinking about the process. We become like robots, repeating the activity . Become aware of what you are thinking or doing. Question whether there is a better way to think or do something.

  2. Metacognition is the bulb that lights up when we flick the switch from cvs to bvs.
    It is also the ability to pause our thoughts and then go over them understanding their roots ; their texture and flow. Once a thought and its process is understood we can then evaluate if we need to improve it …
    and once we get into the habit of metacognition we are in a habit of improving our decisions and decision making process

  3. Thinking about thinking very interesting concept. Reflecting on our own thinking process. Thinking about how we make decisions and what the consequences of those decisions. This is the key to improving not only our thinking and decision-making abilities but also coming up with better decisions.

  4. I am at present thinking about metacognition from two distinct but connected points of view. I am first of all trying to understand my self, as a learner or a task performer, might as it is concluded from what I have learned, Secondly I am trying to understand how to think and also how to make some progress towards achieving tasks or producing thoughts …
    when I create a better situation, who knows that situation is really better one, how can I check for probable mistakes?!! or to know if I need more time,knowledge,or resources …

    My conception of metacognition is a little bit fluid. This is my attempt to present the conception as I think of it at present. … metacognition is a high level of understanding and to Practize this understanding :

    # I have to notice how I can learn something , when and how to use particular strategies for learning or for gaining something new ,and to what level I can understand something, always I should make sure why something could be accepted as a fact or true

    # I have to know about myself (abilities and cababilities) as a learner ,and about what could influence my performance.

    # I have to Know about doing things.

    #I have to know when and why to select and use methods and strategies.

    #I have to know how to be aware of understading and task performance.

    # I have to know h ow to evaluate my efficiecy and performance, also to re-evaluate my tools.

  5. We think about “things” but rarely think about how we think about, what we think about. Take breathing as an analogy, we breathe but rarely pay any attention to the mechanics, or different breathing techniques and how they may change us – then you read that the record for holding breath underwater is over 24 minutes. If we navigate through life automatically with set parameters of thought processes, how does change occur? By metacognition possibilities may arise outside of expectation.

  6. So much of our thinking is a result of attitudes which are imbedded and which we are not even aware of. Metacognition is necessary to reveal these attitudes.

  7. To me, metacognition is realising that I have a thought because may current “automatic” state took me there, and then saying, why am I here, what else should I think about, what is missing, what is there that shouldn’t be there.

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