Show Me The Value!

By the time that Tom Cruise was running around in 1996 screaming, “Show me the money” already for a decade the mantra of the revolutionary business leader, Jack Welch of GE, had long been, “Show me the value!” Because, in the real world, Jack knew that before you can create money you first have to create value.

By that time, The General Electric Company was the #1 brand in the US making everything from locomotives to light bulbs. The 100-year-old global business enterprise was undergoing a cultural transformation under the leadership of the new Chairman.

His vision was to change the culture of GE from a traditional industrial, top-down hierarchical company to a modern “boundaryless”, communications and market-aware company focused on creating much better value for customers and much better return for shareholders.

GE XIO – The Simplest Idea in the World

Jack Welch sought out Michael Hewitt-Gleeson as his personal advisor for several years from 1984. Michael created a bespoke program called GE XIO. The idea behind GE XIO was to create ten times the value for the GE customers and therefore to raise ten times the total return to the GE shareholders.

Cleverly and with his focus on the value-creation philosophy, Jack began a re-design of the 100-year-old GE organisation. Installing X10 memes across the enterprise and mentoring GE senior executives in the use of the cvs2bvs brain software to drive globalisation and value.. They used to call him ‘Professor Jack’ as he personally conducted regular training sessions in the GE Leadership Academy at Crotonville-On-Hudson, not all that far from West Point.

To help magnify Jack’s strategy Michael combined multi-media corporate conference presentations and live masterclasses across the enterprise. At the same time he mentored Jack in private, 1-2-1, strategic consulting meetings on crisis issues like the ‘Caspar Weinberger Affair’. Jack often referred to Michael as “my new guru”.

Acknowledging his key role in one of the most successful corporate transformations ever undertaken in the US Jack Welch wrote saying, “Michael, you are a friend of our company”.

Since the 80s, there have been many Fortune 500 companies who have tried to emulate the example set by GE and copious volumes have been written about Jack’s value-driven transformation of his company.

JACK WELCH, CEO of GE used cvs2bvs as an enterprise solution to accelerate the transformation of GE from a 100-year-old slow-thinking monolith to a fast-thinking modern business with a growth surge of 4000% in shareholder value.

He wrote: “I wish I had a management team that really understood the cvs2bvs equation because it is the value-added role in the management process”.

Jack understood the power of cvs2bvs as a killer management app for value-creation. He also said,cvs2bvs is the simplest idea in the world!”


First Law of Thinking

cvs ≠ bvs

“the current view of the situation (cvs)

can never be equal to

the better view of the situation (bvs)”



3 thoughts on “Show Me The Value!

  1. I have always found your programmes interesting and very informative. Continue your great work in bringing to the world, the right way .of thinking and how to solve problems quicker and easier.

  2. In September 1989, GE Chairman Jack Welch flew to Bangalore,India for a breakfast meeting with an Indian delegation that included Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.The purpose of his trip was to sell airplane engines and medical equipment to India, but the meeting took an interesting twist along the way.

    Rather than buying what GE has to sell ,the Prime Minister Gandhi proposed that GE buy software from India.After looking at the amazingly low labor costs,Welch decided instead to outsource portions of its business starting Bangalore’s first Call Center. This short meeting led to an outsourcing revolution that would dramatically transform both the Indian and US economies.

    The Above is a direct quote from the World Future Society “The Futurist” Magazine – article “Hi, I’m a Robot and I’m Here to Take Your Job.”

    If you look at the CVS to BVS equation it is essentially an exponential equation. 10X 10 X10 X10 very quickly becomes a very very large number.

    As Professor Bartlett has said ” The greatest failing of humans is that we do Not understand the Exponential Function”. Things start very slowly – most stuff that happens is NOT Linear – it is exponential – There in is the challenge for our future .

  3. Great believer in Jack Welch, he was indeed an inspirational creative leader, but we must never overlook the fact that young Tom Cruise has done pretty well for himself as well.

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