Can America think?

October 23, 2013 by John Cassidy.

Measuring America’s Decline, in Three Charts

In recent years, a number of international surveys have raised alarms that the United States is falling behind other countries in terms of educational achievement. Now there is another one, and its findings represent a serious threat to the country’s future prosperity.

In basic literacy, numeracy, and problem-solving skills, the new study shows, younger Americans are at or near the bottom of the standings among advanced countries.


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3 thoughts on “Can America think?

  1. I wonder what your charts would show about America during its industrial Revolution. I seem to also remember hearing the same thing some 60 years ago.

    The problem in the US schools is multi-faceted. Most America’s schools persist in over administration by changing direction every couple of years to meet the government’s agenda of testing. Administrators are constantly substituting new emphases and itinerary, thanks to reports like this one. With continuous implementing of unproven newfangled programs and keeping up with untested extensive reporting systems all is happening to CYA. The teacher has little time left to find and implement the different keys the students need for better learning of how to think.

    American schools generally speaking, also lack motivation, controls and discipline from the parents, students, government, administrators and teachers.

    My granddaughter is one of the few that loves school. She is a high-functioning Autistic child that is doing great in school, because she does not have to think for herself, just follow the rules, do her work and keep quiet. She fits well into a structured system. Is that education or conformity. It is time everyone gets out of the way and let teachers reach out and teach.

  2. While Australia is in the happy position of being “The best of the worst” lets not gloat, we may be lucky the Yanks can’t add and subtract for they might realise just how much it’s costing them to maintain our free democratic way of life. In which case we in the west may find ourselves up crappers creek without a paddle.

  3. Maths and English seem to be uppermost in the English and American educational systems these days.Is it because the focus is based only on these subjects to the exclusion of many others, is actually part of the problem? Could it be that more importance to music and the arts would be ‘right brain’ disciplines that would actually help by creating ‘all brain’ training and encouraging more creativity?

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