Double Your Speed of Thought

cvs2bvs is a powerful cognitive switch: from cvs to bvs.

cvs2bvs is the killer app for doubling your speed of thought.

JACK WELCH, CEO of GE used cvs2bvs as an enterprise solution to accelerate the transformation of GE from a 100-year-old slow-thinking monolith to a fast-thinking modern business with a growth surge of 4000% in shareholder value. He said,cvs2bvs is the simplest idea in the world!” Jack understood the power of cvs2bvs as a killer business management app. He wrote: “I wish I had a management team that really understood the cvs2bvs equation because it is the value-added role in the management process”.

cvs2bvs is software for the brain which is based on The First Law of Thinking derived from modern cognitive science and our understanding of the differences in attention favoured by the two separated hemispheres of the brain.

The left brain favours inside-the-square thinking and the right brain enables outside-the-square thinking. The cvs2bvs brain app enables you to switch from left to right. From past to future. From inside to outside. From preferable to possible. From slow to fast. From good to better. From old to new. From cvs to bvs.

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