GALLUP: Happiness May Come With Age

NEW YORK TIMES: It is inevitable. The muscles weaken. Hearing and vision fade. We get wrinkled and stooped. We can’t run, or even walk, as fast as we used to. We have aches and pains in parts of our bodies we never even noticed before. We get old.

It sounds miserable, but apparently it is not. A large Gallup poll has found that by almost any measure, people get happier as they get older, and researchers are not sure why.

“It could be that there are environmental changes,” said Arthur A. Stone, the lead author of a new study based on the survey, “or it could be psychological changes about the way we view the world, or it could even be biological – for example brain chemistry or endocrine changes.”

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Searching for truth?

Deception is one of nature’s long-standing survival strategies. All of the unfolding darwinian extravaganza of life uses deception to survive — even at the level of microorganisms.

And, as any ten-year-old already knows, when it comes to human behaviour, things are rarely as they seem.

There are deceptions. There are hidden motives and hidden agendas. There are people ‘behind the scenes’. There are manipulators. There are scapegoats. There are turncoats. There are traps and ambushes. There are willing or paid agents. There are big investments and potential payoffs. There are opportunists and there are traitors.

Little wonder that situations are rarely how they seem. Rarely how they are portrayed. Nor are they what they seem to be on the surface. So what can you do? What can you use to find out what’s really happening in complex situations? What investigative tools can anyone use?

One ancient and clever tool is called cui bono.

The power of the cui bono is the most likely answer to the question: who benefits?

This is always a very useful question to ask. However, because of the very nature of deception there is not always a very obvious answer to that question.

Investigative journalism and criminal investigations may invest considerable resources in trying to construct comprehensive answers to the cui bono. They are trying to find out: who benefits most from the crime or situation that we are investigating?

The Cui Bono Test

When you are trying to uncover a much better understanding of the truth you can use the Cui Bono test. Whenever you find yourself looking to allocate suspicion or blame to agents involved in a situation ask yourself if they have passed the Cui Bono Test.

To apply the Cui Bono Test you carefully ask the questions: How did that agent benefit? Who else benefited? Who benefited more? Who benefited the most?

Is it true?

The most important question to ask is: Is it true? You can also use greyscale thinking to pursue the truth in any situation that arises. 

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A Sixty Year Pipeline

In SOT postgraduate training we use The Thirty Day Geddes Pipeline as one of the principal leadership strategies. It is a clever strategy for developing the skills  of making a commitment and keeping a promise.

Note: Not all students are able to complete this thirty day challenge but those who do keep their promise are able to graduate as SOT leaders.

But that’s just about keeping a promise for thirty days. Imagine a leader who keeps a promise for sixty years! A very rare phenomenon and one worth noting.

Sixty years ago a young 25-year-old girl took a vow. She made a promise. She has kept that promise for 60 years! Over a billion members of the Commonwealth of Nations have this week celebrated this extraordinary event — The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.


Google searches for the keyword “downturn” have quintupled since 2009. Even though things are good in Australia by global standards many people still perceive things as poor or even bad.

This is no surprise. In business, the uncertainty of global finances has led to a world of tight budgets. In most businesses, two of the biggest costs, the biggest budget chunks, are always: payroll + marketing.

So, two of the biggest returns on investment need to be:
1. return on payroll, and
2. return on marketing.

To survive harsh economic conditions and grow their business, senior management are focusing on payroll optimisation and marketing optimisation.

In my own consulting I am focusing my attention on helping my clients with tight budgets to become skilled leaders of change so that they can:
1. create more profit out of their monthly payroll expense, and
2. harvest more sales revenues from their marketing investment.

My senior mentor, Professor George Gallup, was acknowledged worldwide as one of the greatest leaders of change. George was also a wonderful American gentleman and a very nice man. He was 84 when he died at his place in Switzerland in 1984.

He was the inventor of the Gallup Poll at Princeton and the designer of market research. He was the first to map the Human Meme Pool.

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Meanwhile, as part of the ADVANCED LEADERSHIP TRAINING I’ve added a new module to help raise your darwinian intelligence, your ability to survive and grow in rapidly changing environments.

It’s called: Think Darwin!

This postgraduate training module consists of an additional ten lessons designed so that anyone can understand, get their head around and then harness the amazing power of Darwin’s Theory in their daily life, career and business.

For example, what do you know about ‘memes‘?

If you’re in management, marketing, media, or HR/training memes are a must. You’ll become very up-to-date with them on this course. Darwin’s Theory is widely regarded as the most powerful theory in all of science!

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These lessons were first published in my book

The X10 Memeplex: Multiply Your Business By Ten!  (Prentice Hall 2000).




The Happiness Switch – #cvs2bvs

We can now turn on The Switch.  #cvs2bvs.

Switch from FLAT earth … to … ROUND earth, for example, just like Columbus.

The Switch is the Universal Brain Software known as cvs2bvs. The Switch is the simplest and fastest key to better thinking. cvs2bvs is a powerful perception switch. Also popularly known worldwide as CVS TO BVS.

cvs2bvs allows you, the brainuser, to think outside the square.

The Universal Brain Software also allows the brainuser to switch from one parallel universe to another. It empowers you to explore the cognos, the multiverse of thinking.

Many thinkers use the switch to change their moods. With practise, you can use the switch to escape from fear, doubt, worry, and to move towards less stressful moods like curiosity, enthusiasm, gratitude and happiness.

Just flip the switch! cvs2bvs.

The Think Switch

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