SOT Congratulates Ken Grenda AM

Last night the Minister for Manufacturing in Victoria, The Hon Richard Dalla-Riva, honoured Mr Ken Grenda AM, Founder and Chairman of the Grenda Group by placing him on the Honour Roll of the Hall of Fame of Victorian Manufacturers. The Minister said the honour was to recognise Mr Grenda’s “leadership, innovation and generosity”.


Ken Grenda with some of his employees.

Mr Grenda’s company Volgren is Australia’s leading bus manufacturer. Volgren has been a consulting client of the School of Thinking since 2009.

The Cognos: A new universe …

I first wrote about the idea of the cognos in NewSell (Boardroom Books NY) in 1984, as follows (Ch 9 – The Cognos: A New Universe) :

“Recently, in a television interview, the host asked me, “What is an important new area for scientific research?” I suggested the time may have come to define a new area for scientific theory and technical research, which I would call “cognitive physics”. Cognitive physicists would try to understand the nature of how humans try to understand. They would investigate how humans create the world in which they live; how humans create explanations for those things that they need explanations for; and what humans can do to improve on these methods. In addition, cognitive physicists would explore the cognos as quantum physicists now explore the cosmos: What is the cognos? What does the cognos do? Of what is the cognos constructed? How big is the cognos? And much more.”