The New Grey Borsalino

I’m going to Rome via Doha this year. I’ve never been to Qatar before and I’m very interested to visit. One hears so many interesting things about Doha.

Anyway, when I was in Rome, this time last year, I wanted to acquire a new grey Borsalino to replace the one I had just lost.

That morning I’d got up early for a walk and climbed the Spanish Steps to gaze back at the stunning laser fanfare of sunrise over the cupolas of the Eternal City.

Then, early breakfast in the Palm Court at the Hassler has been a long-standing tradition for me on my Roman holidays so I chose my strategic table, laid out my International Tribune and sipped my tea.

An hour later, fully restored, I stepped out and headed towards Piazza del Populo now on my important mission for the morning. I was going to get my hat.
I found my way to the elegant boutique. After introductions I carefully examined the shelves of exquisite chapeaux and tried on 4 or 5 of the famous felt fedoras.

O me miserum! The one I really wanted was not my size and the one that fit me was not the one I desired.

Disappointed. I missed out on that trip but I’ll be back late in June and this time I’m determined not to leave Rome without my grey felt Borsalino.

5 thoughts on “The New Grey Borsalino

  1. Dear Michael, I’ll buy you a new hat, just come to visit Israel. I promise you to meet smart and passionate people here

  2. Dear Michael,

    We live in a world of infinite possibilities. And even though we will admit it, we often live in the short term, near view lense, and close out the very possibilities we say that exist. While, your new Gray Borsalino may be the best in the world at this time, for you that is, if per chance the kine was dropped, suddenly, you will find a new Gray Borsalino, albeit by another name. Is it the hat, or, fashion statement, or the covered head that is most important to you?

  3. A coloured hat you say? Quite the metaphor.

    And yet, at this time of the year, in the Victorian climate, one wonders if one could not be procured via common sense locally….

  4. Great to note that you go after what you want and don’t accept second best even though it was available on the spot. So often in life we take what’s on offer rather than staying the path that’s true to our best desires.
    I have no doubt it will be worth the wait, and although in no time it will be “Old Hat”, it will be “the old hat with the greatest of memories”.

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