At a leadership convention in Melbourne I was asked to add one more cap to the original 6 thinking caps developed by SOT in 1983. I have designed the 7th Cap for Wisdom which is the Grey Thinking Cap.

The book will be published later this year.

Of all the Thinking Caps–White, Black, Yellow, Red, Green, Blue–the Grey Cap is also the Senior Cap.


wisdom n. experience and knowledge together
with the power of applying them critically or practically
Oxford English Dictionary


is all about the escape

from judgmental thinking to wisdom.


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4 thoughts on “THE 7th CAP

  1. can you imagine what it would be like if we had all been taught cvs to bvs as children. might “wisdom” have lots of ptvs to which bvs’s could be added. another pov could be that everyone is already perfect which could include wanting to increase bvs’s in our lives. thank you for cvstobvs.

  2. Perfect definition . E plus K equals W .
    Thanks Michael! Your insights are valuable .

    Doug G in Las Vegas

  3. But how do we wisely get other generations to recognize this – we need a path to get us back to a better future – it always seems to me that prior to Jame Dean “Rebel without a cause ” in the 1950’s there was a recognition of gravitas – but from then once popular music discovered that you could sell records and make mega bucks – by inciting youth to be be rebels that its been a steady slide down as the next big thing looks to shock to excite – to make cash – so now its quite yucky and quite frankly boring – we need a new generation of artists that have the ability to poke fun at youth and sell to us – the baby boomers

  4. truelly metacognition is the grey hat but how can one teach another person to be metacognitively aware of his thinking process? I need a lot of literature about meatcognition as my PhD studies involve metacognition.

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