A magical place called DARPA …

“Scientists and engineers change the world. I’d like to tell you about a magical place called DARPA where scientists and engineers defy the impossible and refuse to fear failure!”

THOUGHT EXPERIMENT: What would happen if you removed the fear of failure?


DFQ: What if you knew you couldn’t fail?

6 thoughts on “A magical place called DARPA …

  1. If I remove the fear of failure I would have three Doctorates and designed a student kit, instructions, Ipad and workbook that would replace books and teach students a transformational course called mathmatics for life.
    I would lead a world wide movement called ” Nature gazing” that would provide the conversations nature would tells us if it could talk.

  2. face your fears.fear of failure,is fear of liveing life it self.
    we owe it to our selves to live to the best of our ability.

  3. In that case the very stimulant – PASSION would be lost. The passion to succeed against all odds and threat of failure would be diminished. Things will be taken for granted. Fear in right context & quantity brings out the best in people.

  4. If I knew I could not fail, I would post comments on SOT, since I am Norwegian and my English is not perfect!

    In doing so, I do feel revelation and energy to do more of those minor things in daily life that prevents me in achieving and believing my dreams and goals.

    How energising it is believing that you will not fail!

  5. Trying to answer the question makes me realize that. as time has passed, I have stopped thinking about the world of possibilities, lost the ability to imagine moving beyond the world I now inhabit and stretch out to the world of potentialities. That is the danger of letting fear of failure stop you from experimenting. You end losing your imagination muscle and consequently limit your life. I will ask myself that question everyday and take steps to reignite my faith in what I can create for the future.

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