Complaints by scribes

The life of today’s blogger sitting in the comfort of home with a coffee and an iPod full of music compares dramatically with the scribes of medieval history laboring from dawn in draughty cold cells on hard seats and with little comfort or sympathy. Here are some of their complaints:

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6 thoughts on “Complaints by scribes

  1. Its really nice to read the words of those gone before and to reflect on how like us they were – in truth

  2. complaining is what humans are very good at,
    without complaints there will be no room for quality services,
    or competition for quality product,

  3. How fortunate we are that they did write, for we can stand on the shoulders of those we believe were giants and see a little further in all directions.

  4. We will never be able to thank enough to all those who have taken so much pain to give us what they have.Today we have all the comfort because of the foundation they have laid for us. Always in gratitude to them !! Thank you!!

  5. It’s about PROGRESS without it we as humans need not be here at all. But we soon forget where we come from and think that having fun is all about life. At least the 85% do. We have journey a while.

  6. In the digital age, all information is at our finger tip. Information research is no longer as toiling as in few years ago.

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