Can you think in English?

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Modern English is the first global decision language because it is the most widely spoken language across the world. The boardrooms of the world think in English. English is the premium language of decision-making in communications, science, information technology, business, seafaring, aviation, radio and diplomacy. English thinkers are the brains behind the global entertainment industry, gaming and the social networking phenomenon. The world wide web is dominated by English thinking.

5 thoughts on “Can you think in English?

  1. Thanks to the spread of Association Football and Hollywood the English Language (not Shakespeare)has spread far and wide. Remember the story of the four campers.Englishman, Frenchman, Italian and German.The debate concerned which language was the most beautiful and which was the most widespread. For beauty the Englishman offered the “Butterfly’ the Frenchman offered “Papillion” the Italian offered Fanfella’ the German said “what is wrong with der smeterling. The englisman said were are all speaking english. Case closed. he missionaries should also be given credit. The starnge and marvellous thing about english; if you go to County Cork or County Kerry the dialect in thoses counties are almost exactly circa The Bard. Now through the miracles of iPhones and eMails thses people are slowly losing their accents. The question is what limits will we put on abbreviations. OMG I gtta go ur letter has arrived.Ciao. See ya LOL

  2. I totally agree to this. Thinking in english will erase all communication barriers.But I have a question,” don’t we need to know the culture of a language to think in that language?? “

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