60 years in the job …

Queen Elizabeth II who is also Queen of Australia today marks 60 years in that job.


The Queen and the Commonwealth

“For today, it is enough to say we are marking a remarkable event for our monarch,” Prime Minister Julia Gillard told reporters in Canberra on Monday. “She is the second person to reach the diamond jubilee anniversary. A truly remarkable event.”

5 thoughts on “60 years in the job …

  1. She has done and extraordinary job. She has worked for double of my working life and still no sign of retirement! Should we all work until we die? Congratulations your Majesty long may you reign!!

  2. May the good Lord bless her and give her long life do the rest for her work.also well done for great work you have done. Congratulations your Majesty and long live.

  3. Seems like a great job,travel world,admired by most heads of states,
    Be a hard job to leave, she seems to be enjoying it,
    60 years enjoyment would seem like 6 days,
    Long may the christmas messages continue.

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