3 thoughts on “America’s Secret Weapon: The H-1B

  1. Its interesting that Maggie Thatcher who revolutionized the UK from a basket case to be a power in the world again and wiped out their national debt on the way through always said her biggest failure was to fix the trend in the UK to dumb down the education system to be like the US one. Great for our graduates whom can get a job in the UK readily whilst their UK contemporaries are fiddling around getting a well rounded education but not good for the UK in the long run. South Africa that stuck with the old British system churns out graduates that are even more ready and skilled to go.

    It’s been forgotten that the British conquered the world with not many natural resources other than their attitude and an education system that encouraged and produced eccentric geniuses.

  2. WOW! lets all go to the USA and get a PhD on the H-1B Visa?

    I would back the Australian Group of 8 Universities against all USA Universities – with the possible exception of some of the Ivy League Colleges depending on the faculty and the leading staff and the state of their research.

    One can not help but be inspired by young Australians like Marita Cheng –
    The 2012 Young Australian of the Year and a student of Engineering and Computer Science at the University fo Melbourne.

    I personnally know of some good graduates of Australian Universities
    who are going to the USA at significant personnal cost to complete their PhD’s.
    Not because they are particularly brilliant students but because they did not have good enough grades to get an Australian PhD Scholarship.

    In Australia you can knock over a PhD in 3 years – in the USA it usually takes 4 or 5 years.

    We live in a rapidly changing world – Just look at China – they are producing 20,000 PhD’s a year in Engineering alone.

    I still think Australia is punching above its weight in the area of academic research.If you look at academic research papers published against a countries population I am sure we would be right up near the top. Just take a look at Australia’s Nobel Prize Winners – if you take out Patrick White they are all scientists or engineers…..

    I think if you listen to Dr. Michio Kaku overe and over again you will agree with him something more deeper is inside the statement.

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