Your Brain Has More Connections Than Every Computer on Earth Combined

Just how complex is your noggin?

Your brain synapses are actually more like individual microprocessors than simple on/off switches, and your brain has hundreds of trillions of them.

Researchers Successfully Translate Brainwaves Into Words

According to Stephen Smith, a Stanford professor of molecular and cellular physiology, the brain is vastly more intricate than we had ever imagined:

One synapse, by itself, is more like a microprocessor–with both memory-storage and information-processing elements–than a mere on/off switch. In fact, one synapse may contain on the order of 1,000 molecular-scale switches. A single human brain has more switches than all the computers and routers and Internet connections on Earth.

Yup, you’ve got the world’s craziest network right on top of yer shoulders.

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4 thoughts on “Your Brain Has More Connections Than Every Computer on Earth Combined

  1. Pity we can’t do a reinstall. I could use a few more synapses. A delete facility would be most welcome. I have been aware of the extra connectivity between the brain and survival for a long time. Its incredible how the senses heighten when danger looms. I distinctly remember finding myself sharing a paddock with a proprietorial Bull. I remember being up the tree but not how I got there. The rescuer asked the same question. It as a somewhat smooth bole; a result of being used as a scratching post. The ability to remember in pictures and total recall of conversation, Do a crossword and listen to and understand the News. Chess Masters rely solely on memory and design change on the Board They are always playing chess in their brain; sadly some of them go strange.

  2. The brain must be at least greater than anything it creates. When to or more brains have a collective focus, the resulting power is magnified 100 fold.
    On the wave scale it is certainly the highest and that includts light and sound,

  3. That the brain-mind has even more potential than has previously been envisioned is an outstanding discovery. What practical use can I make of this knowledge?

  4. With such an intricate mechanism at our command, it is easy for me to believe that there is a God who created the universe.

    But if people don’t agree, that’s fine with me.

    Everyone can believe what he or she believes.

    We can all agree that the brain is the finest machine on earth.

    SOT helps people capitalize on many of the brain’s possibilities by putting it to good use.

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