17 November 2011: Happy 32nd SOT!

On Thursday 17 November in Melbourne the School of Thinking celebrated its 32nd birthday with an informal gathering of some local friends of the school.

On a perfect spring evening beside the Yarra River at The Boatbuilders Yard the Chairman of the Council of the School of Thinking, Dr Brian Monahan, welcomed members of the Council and their guests from Melbourne and Sydney.

David Sharry, the creator and owner of The Boatbuilders Yard is also a long standing SOT Council Member. His legendary hospitality kicked off the evening with French champagne followed by the best of Australia’s wines and ales. After a little lateral drinking the thinkers were very pleased when the delicious prawn and chorizo skewers appeared on the scene along with all the many other tasty treats.

Another legendary SOT birthday event. It was tastefully planned to go from 6 to 8 but a determined core group were still pontificating and laughing by the river at 11. La dolce vita!

L to R: Anthony Bertini, Dean of the Graduate School, Dr Brian Monahan, The Hon Neil Brown QC, Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson. Background: Professor Michael Georgeff, Diana Georgeff and David Sharry.

L to R: Polly Flanagan, Principal, Shelford Girls Grammar School; Maj Paul Cooke; Dr John Chambers; Ms Petrina Gillespie Mng Dir SOT; Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson.
L to R: Anthony Bertini; Dr Carl Ramage; Dr Michael Hewitt-Gleeson; Newell Lock, SOT Council Member.

8 thoughts on “17 November 2011: Happy 32nd SOT!

  1. Thank you Michael for a very pleasant evening. A great setting, delicious food and even more delicious champagne! Very much liked your friend Anthony Bertini and his partner Natalia…..thought she was delightful.

  2. Thanks for inviting me and for an enjoyable evening. Congratulations on the birthday and best wishes for the future.

  3. To have faith that something is beneficial to others you need the Genius MIND to hold on for 32 years is such an achievement to making the world a better place. To have really transform some of us GREAT HAPPY BIRTHDAY. A DAY worthy to celebrate. Michael you ought to take PRIDE IN THAT ACHIEVEMENT. HAVE A GREAT MOMENT. THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT FOR SOT.

  4. it was soooooo much fun. thinkers are no different to any of us. they laugh at stupit things, tell tall stories and eat and drink too much. they are wonderful company and cherrish friendchips above all else, they are great company however they take so much time deciding what they want to drink past 10.30PM !

  5. Recognising the birthday (32 years) for SOT, I find to my amazement I have been associated with SOT for at least TEN of those years , and quite possibly HALF of that time ……..
    Nothing but good consequences have come for me as a result of this association .
    It has always been an enjoyable , enriching experience ….and I want to prolong the relationship …pretty much indefinitely.
    Thanks Michael….for the journey …from Newsell , into Darwinian Thinking , and beyond …..to the contemplation and practice of WISDOM ….and acting to promote the powers and constructs of THINKING as a CORE Curriculum among students I encounter.
    The inspiration I feel from SOT is deep and productive .
    Long may you be able to do this for others worldwide.
    Warmest best wishes for the future .

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