What is Gold Training?

Gold Training is PRR. PRR is Practise, Repetition, Rehearsal. PRR is for virtuosity.

Daily Feedback Questions (DFQs) are the KPI of Gold Training. DFQs are the thing. Try and do at least one a day because less than one a day would be nothing.

PRR is the foundational pedagogical strategy of SOT. It’s efficacy and superiority as a learning strategy has long been evidenced by thought-leaders in both military science and the performing arts.

DARPA‘s invention of the internet and NASAs Space Shuttle Program provide exemplary case studies of advanced skill training. The Juillard School and the Victorian Arts Centre provide current performance models for virtuosity.


Virtuosity is the purpose of Gold training and Gold Training is the quintessence of the Graduate SOT.

Gold Training is for those who have completed DFQs x 100 and who wish to continue developing their skills with further training.

Gold Training is the metacognition training from DFQ#101 to #1000. It takes between 2 and 3 years to complete.


PRR is one of the four basic parts of the SOT Brainuser Code which explores and measures the value of cognitive patterning in the training, coaching and mentoring required for virtuosity in metacognition. How have you benefited from applying PRR?

6 thoughts on “What is Gold Training?

  1. Doesn’t this explain why we always spell our names correctly> if our brainsoftware deals with infinite things then it need ifinite programming.

  2. PRR, has helped me improve my delivery by adding variation &
    relevance. Every time I conduct a session on skill building, it is with a
    new set of participants coming from a different background and using
    PRR I am able to add variations to make the topic relevant to them.
    Thus the topic may be same but PRR helps add a new color &
    freshness every time.

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