Metacognition Month

Metacognition is the highest state of thinking. It’s actually thinking about thinking. Being aware of one’s thinking and directing one’s thinking in a deliberate and strategic way.

Wisdom, where it can be found, is also metacognition.

Starting on May Day, the first of May 2011, School of Thinking began celebrating Metacognition Month.

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What do you think is metacognition?

46 thoughts on “Metacognition Month

  1. I think metacognition is the thinking we do about how ,when and why we need to change our thinking…..about a particular subject or topic .
    It is a sharpening process , a crystalising process , following a reflective and analysing process, I suggest, ….within our focussed thinking. ….all possible within whatever period of time we need.

    While this sounds a little complicated maybe……..reflection and analysis on previous thinking ,would very likely lead to innovative and creative flashes of mind ……and then innovative planning …and then creative action.
    It is a constructive helpful thought process.

  2. We understand cognition is the act or process of knowing and thinking, essentially dealing with such aspects as awareness, perception, reasoning, intuition and judgment.

    Metacognition is the knowledge and awareness of our own knowledge and thoughts and the factors that influence our thinking — inluding our ability to understand, control, influence, and manipulate our own cognitive processes.

  3. In addition to “thinking about thinking,” metacognition is awareness of the process of thinking at the time one thinks.

  4. In reply DFQ… One definition of metacognition is the conscious investigative thinking process about thinking. — This article inspired exploration via Internet search; delighted to discover lots of posting about topic … Also reminds me about CAP principles and 7th Hat – Wisdom. – – Eager to explore more about this topic during our Ideal Network Dialogs stimulated by content within the email series… Cheers

  5. hmmm, well if the meta in metacognition is anything like the meta in metaphysics…then could it have something to do with pre-suppositions?

  6. A process of watching, reflecting on, contemplating one’s thinking processes; presumably with view to better understanding and use of this neurological resource that we have between our ears!

  7. Contemplation about the thinking process, leading to further thinking about…

    Sign me up, I think…

  8. Metacongnition is an art in the sense that it can be taught like dance, its is science in the sense that it has certain principles or laws that govern thinking. Above all its a knack, one has to get it all by self.

  9. Cognition(thinking) about cognition(thinking) is Metacognition. It involves knowledge about when and how to use a particular strategy for learning and solving problems.

  10. The only other word that comes to mind immediately is metaphysics. but that is not physics. This has to have something to do with thinking or how deeper levels of consciousness help thinking?

  11. Metacognition may be about not just thinking about your thinking but the active and direct use of your brain power using radically different process than we normally use …to me it feels like using your big mind not your small one

  12. In all my studies of human behavior I’ve come to many conclusions, one of them is that we use words that has no meaning to describe things we do not understand. Would be fun to “learn” what metacognition “really” mean :–

  13. the additional 10x improvement of ones personal brain power

    should individuals brain absorb all this new metacognition experiance

    i would like to try and absorb this experiance

  14. It is an awareness about your thinking – why I think what I think when I think about it…maybe even a bit of how I think… summarised then as Viktor below “thinking about thinking”

  15. Thinking about thinking. The conscious and the subconscious merges, and you become aware of you subconscious.

  16. Metacognition is cognition that relects upon cognition. For example: thinking about the way to think clearly about the wish to participate in the metacognition month

  17. Thinking about thinking. Wonderful. As we learn a new ability and As we do an action, we think. When we observe the thinking to complete the action it all flows. Standing outside of oneself. Non action

  18. Mega-cognition is a self-aware process of actively controlling and using information to ensure a goal is met, through self-questioning, self-representation, self-monitoring, and self-regulating.

    This process of thinking about thinking will help you to know why, what, when, where, and how to use a particular strategy for learning and problem solving.

  19. I think metacognition is the ability to rise out of the clutter of day to day thought and observe your own thinking, to be mindful and self-aware. But … why? Clarity, simplicity, to help find passion, humility, civility and to share with others a more human journey.

    Sign me up!

  20. I strongly believe metacognition is a Higher level of awareness..much higher than our ordinary definition of ‘awareness’ as we may know it.
    It is an elevated place,we all the concepts of Thinking are synchronized and integrated.
    Plus i think people like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates operate at this level of thinking…

  21. Metacognition – When you recognise within a dream that you are dreaming, like the movie inception starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

  22. I don’t really know what metacognition is, but am interested in finding out. Please enrol me if you will please, Michael.

  23. Slow and steady. Little by little. On and on. Never ending. And by the way HAVE FUN 🎉

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