10.10.10 – SOT celebrates the Power of Ten

Today is 10.10.10 – the tenth of October 2010. Ten is the Official Number of the School of Thinking so we can take this opportunity to celebrate the Power of Ten …


Measurement is a very important skill for the brainuser to develop. Let’s look at units of measurement. It’s very helpful, when trying to measure things, to have a unit of measurement. Having a basic unit of measurement means you can keep score and then compare one score against another.

For example, the whole metric system uses a number of units of measurement based on the decimal (or 10) system. We have metres, litres, dollars and grams. So, if you want to measure how far you have to travel to work you can do so and the answer may be 10 metres if you work at home or 10 kilometres if you don’t.

You can use dollars to figure costs and overheads and to help control them and bring them down. You can also use dollars to figure revenues and sales results and help move them up.

Metrics – Measuring Your Job

The more you can bring metrics or measurements to aspects of your job, the more you can take control and the more interesting your job becomes. What things can you measure in your job?

– Costs – eliminations, reductions or increases?
– Accidents/safety – lower or higher?
– Sales calls – more or less?
– Delivery times – longer or shorter?
– Wastage – less or more?
– Materials used – more or less?
– Industrial disputes – fewer or more often? etc.

Decimal Cognetics

In the last lesson, we’ve already seen that a CVS can never be equal to a BVS. So, what exactly is a BVS?

A BVS is a decimal of a CVS. A CVS is also a decimal of a BVS. In other words, they are related by powers of ten. Sometimes a BVS is ten times smaller than a CVS. Other times it is ten times greater. From experience, it is usually the latter, but not always.

By decimalizing (yes, it is a word) cognetics we are introducing measurement into the brain software and we get more control. Cognetics now becomes a more useful brain tool. Remember, cognetics is decimal. In cognetics we use the number ten.

The deliberate or habitual use of the number 10 is called Tenpower.

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6 thoughts on “10.10.10 – SOT celebrates the Power of Ten

  1. Hi Sir. Michael Hewitt-Gleeson,
    I also join the MILLIONS to celebrate this special DAY with you and I thank you deeply for making a great change in my THINKING ABILITIES without your work I can’t understand many many other GREAT works of HUMANITY over years. I can’t FOCUS AND STAY FOCUS many years if someone did not help me to understand the world and HOW WE ARE MADE TO THINK. I CAN THINK ON MY OWN AND SOT MAKE IT POSSIBLE FOR ME.
    Thanks and CONGRATULATIONS……


  3. In preparation for a world 10x better, to be celebrated, again in 10 decades from today so that our children’s children will know the joy of a world filled with thinking and solutions. With a better view of the potentials for all humanity.

  4. Congratulations Michael.

    May your CONCEPTS given in your THINKING courses also grow by a power of TEN and may new TRUTHS keep replacing the OLD TRUTHS making this world a better place full of THINKING people!

  5. To Mike and all SOT disciples – HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I have a gift to all of you – Do not allow mediocrity to kill your day or projects. There is a better way to leverage your life’s or business strategies – use the power of ten to transform your results – 10XCVS=BVS=Happiness, success, prosperity and FUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.

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