What’s your FULL address?

If you don’t already know, there’s much more to your FULL address than just your street, town and country.

For example, I live in St Kilda, a bayside inner suburb of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. But, that’s only the small local part of it.

To pinpoint the exact spot, as far as we know it at present, it looks more like this:

St Kilda,
Earth, Planet No. 3,
Solar System,
Orion Spur on the Sagittarius Spiral Arm,
Milky Way Galaxy,
Local Cluster,
Virgo Supercluster,

Now there’s an address! You can also tag it on to your own local address.


If you like you can take ten minutes to meditate on your real place in the universe. This article will help you to do so. I particularly liked Hubble’s comment to Edith Sitwell:

— Read the full Washington Post article here …

2 thoughts on “What’s your FULL address?

  1. Now I understand that you don’t want to give your FULL address in case of stalkers, panhandlers etc so you’ve left our your street and house number (and maybe floor and apartment number).

    Understandable – but perhaps you shouldn’t bill it as a FULL address.

  2. New zealand,
    North island
    Rautawhiri rd

    we all have to live some where in the universe i guess ilve anded at
    the above adress.

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