Germany: Michael interviewed by Florian Rustler

German expert on Thinking Skills–Florian Rustler–asks Michael about teaching thinking and the universal brain software – cvs2bvs …

Michael, you created the School of Thinking (SOT). For some people that might be an unusual concept that you need a school that teaches you how to think. A lot of people are of the opinion that they know already how to think. Why is there a necessity for having a School of Thinking?

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3 thoughts on “Germany: Michael interviewed by Florian Rustler

  1. This is something I think about every day. Thinking, sounds natural and easy. Nothing could be further from the truth. The habit of thinking has to be cultivated and nurtured. Why are apparently simple things difficult

  2. thinking is done most brains based around their history=[ cvs]

    school of thinking has given me as a student the brain power to know their will ALWAYS be a better way i only need to escape [cvs] THINK to find [bvs] SIMPLE but not EASEY. takes starting comitment difficult for

  3. the mind needs to be properly directed to achieve he desire goal -how properly is how we make use of our thinking therefore lerning to think properly should be our primarly goal in life ,thanks michael.

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