You can do a lot … if …

You can do a lot if you’re properly trained“, so says Elizabeth II.

The Queen is one of the most successful world leaders still alive today. She has served in her job for several generations and through many changing environments. Here she chats informally and intimately about her own unique life. It goes for 10 minutes and has several insights and ideas to reflect upon about people … about personal communication, hospitality, recognition, trust, listening, confidentiality, professionalism, duty, continuity and training …


What is the most useful insight you can take away for your own life from Elizabeth’s experience about the value of training?

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  1. as i get older i tend to appreciate her majesty more. i had never thought of her previously as anything but a puppet, but this video shows her in quite a different light. Value of training is beyond question and i am pleased she recognises this

  2. untrained [cvs] trained ready to face world we want to live in [bvs] requires alot of training.queen was born then trained into a life of royal,
    now matriarch to british commonwealth.

  3. Her first and last points resonate to me.

    Continuity – Which I suggest is only achievable through training and repetition with a touch of quality.


    The fellow who said his accolade was only due to the training. True most likely, and extremely humble to say so, also a nice touch of quality.

    The underlying element to all that HRH said, for me, is recognition.

  4. My take away: Commit to something as though you will do it for the rest of your life and use training to make you the best you can be.

  5. The most useful insight I can take away for my own life from Elizabeth’s experience about the value of training would be that it gives me confidence in my ability to perform any task that has been set for me to achieve. Practice, Repitition and Rehersal (PRR).

  6. “you can do a lot if you’re properly trained.. and I hope I’m properly trained..”
    Tradition and continuity are woven into her duty and dedication to her job to live her role.. every day.. for life..
    you can do a lot..

  7. The insight I have got from the Queen was unbelievable for me the aspect of continues training throughout life was so empowering and deep. She also touch on the quality of training as well.

    As the Queen of the most powerful empire the issue of continuity and tradition is quite normal but you can see how when apply to individual lives it can make a great difference in the end. I was a bit surprise as to how highly knowledgeable the Queen is and I now understand why she reign for many years now.

    It was ten minutes but it say and teaches many great things.

  8. proper training and a quest for understanding and information, in combination training and curiosity is a strong recipe.

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