Prayer shuts off brain …

WHEN we fall under the spell of a charismatic figure, areas of the brain responsible for scepticism and vigilance become less active.

That’s the finding of a study which looked at people’s response to prayers spoken by someone purportedly possessing divine healing powers.

To identify the brain processes underlying the influence of charismatic individuals, Uffe Schjødt of Aarhus University in Denmark and colleagues turned to Pentecostal Christians, who believe that some people have divinely inspired powers of healing, wisdom and prophecy.

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  1. Science has established that there are three main areas of brain cell activity in the body; the top brain, the heart or the middle brain, and in the gut brain or bottom brain. All three have more brain cells than any other type of cell and are capable of independent activity and communication by sending and receiving information internally.

    The questions that are begging to be asked are, can the body’s three brains send and receive signals from both inside and outside the body? When the brain activity in certain parts of the brain increases or decreases; is it primed to receive a new experience from outside the body or just from inside the body through vibrations that may influence and change the body’s harmonics?

    Western scientific thinking rarely looks at a holistic approach, however recently it has started looking at internal connections and has established that our three brains not only work independently, but they are actually connected to each other.

    Eastern scientific thinking looks at things differently recognizing that we can also be externally connected. The experiment here needed to have taken several giant steps forward and used the magnetic resonance imaging on all three brains, and also on the prayer readers and then do the same using healers as prayer readers. What needs to be validated is how the sending and receiving linkage may or may not work both within and outside the three brains of all parties involved in the experiment.

    If we are connected or could be connected to one another, would that not change how we also act towards one another?

  2. There is a willingness to please and participate in public exhibitions. I think it is another attempt to gain attention. Not unlike volunteers who respond to the call by a hypnotist to play the game on stage. It does not have a lasting affect, remembering, most exhibitionists are natural HAMS. JMD

  3. Prayer may be accessing capacities of the mind which influene the brain, the brain being the processing capacity much like the CPU in a computer.

    If so in order to go beyond a limitation, a reason a logical explaination as to why “I am right” in order to be open to a BVS, what has to be minimized or deactivated is the reasoning process for the what it is the CVS.

    In order for a BVS to occurr to start a new set of thought emotion patterns need to be cultivated. Hence the release of the old is a redirection of the thinking.

    When anyone prays, the only time you pray is when have no idea or way to go forward, to get out of the predicament you are in. Otherwise you would do that.

    In the case of evangelists, there is obviously a willingness by the person being influenced to be open to another way. This wilingness or even when totally “given up” there is a de activation of the filters the reasonable logical facilty sets up and opens up the gate to new fresh input.

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