The 59 Second Course in Thinking


(PIC: Michael teaching E+S=T to a business group in Shanghai in May 2008)



In any situation, thinking involves two basic processes:

escaping from your current view of the situation, and

searching for a much better view of the situation.


The Current View of the Situation (cvs)
can never be equal to
the Better View of the Situation (bvs)


Escape from your cvs
and search for a bvs!


You can search for a bvs that is
ten times better than your cvs.

(cvs X10 = bvs)


8 thoughts on “The 59 Second Course in Thinking

  1. Better view of the situation always better than current view of the situation. Good learning for me, that we can intentionally look for a better view of the situation is empowering to me.It backs me up, because usually i try to think of alternatives when i am doing things but many of my colleagues(family and workmates) find it burdensome. I sometimes been thinkng that maybe i over think about issues. Good for me.

  2. escape is good to be away from repitition cvs
    search is challengeing exciting potential semi new frontiers.
    think at decision time bvs pathway into future [no gurantees]

  3. It takes 59 seconds to speak the speak and a many more repetitions of thinking to think about how to best evaluate any current situation in order to develop and promote a better view. I have been reinforcing primary school students as young as 5 and 6 to CVS2BVS and PRR and by the time they finish primary school they will have, (I’m hoping), a deep knowledge of many strategies that will support their personal endeavours to improve creative thinking and what ever applications they need to focus on for their future progress. Well thats the plan.

  4. CVS to BVS is something I know from this years thinking course, it is also something that I keep needing to remind myself about.

  5. Yes! it is so simple, but are we doing it, deliberate practising.
    Then, we can think in 59 seconds.
    Thanks Michael

  6. Amazing what an impact this has had on relationships in my life. I now don’t react immediately, I give myself 59 seconds to consider a bvs and it almost always works – thank you Michael.

  7. learing cvs to bvs is alot like driving a manual car for the first time, it looks easy but feels arkward

    just keep on reminding yourself cvs to bvs

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