FEEDBACK: From SOT Members … 2009

Every year we invite SOT Members to give feedback on how they have applied the universal brain software – cvs2bvs – and any other SOT training they have thought about and experimented with in their own lives. And, what have been the results?

After reading the some of the previous comments of members please consider enlightening us on your own experience as a member. If you wish, post your comment below …

Here is a sample of feedback comments from SOT members. These are some of the subjective assessments of their online daily training experience by SOT members worldwide.

There’s nothing special about these comments nor are they sanitised or selected, it’s just a sample of members comments coming back from DFQs. There are thousands more like these commenting on how they use the lessons to help them in their life, careers/jobs, relationships, sporting activities and other typical applications.

In skill training, getting transference to life applications is always the bottom line at SOT.

Because SOT is quite a different model to the familiar education one it can be difficult, at first, for many educators or parents or employers to see how these short daily reinforcements can produce worthwhile results over time. They may rush to judgement too soon.

The online daily training is being taken by a wide range of people from diverse cultures, backgrounds, careers and age groups. While some race through it on a superficial level, others pore over it slowly and thoroughly and there is every other utility in between.

Like a smorgasbord, members take from the training what they are ready to take and they apply the brain software in their own way, in their own business/career and on their own terms. Nothing is imposed on them, however, they do get their thinking training from lessons sent out every day …


Your thinking lessons are quite addictive. The most enjoyable and worthwhile use of the internet I have experienced.
Neville (teacher)

Your training has given me a new view on life, a constant reflection on what’s going on. Have always been fairly positive and focused but this has heightened or re awakened this passion. You are never really there even when you think you are. Thanks for a sensational journey. Can’t believe the impact it has had on my thought patterns.
Karl (sales executive)

The most important point(s) I will take away from this training is that our ‘old’ norms or memes influence what we think to the point where they can constrain our ability to grow. What is possible is endless and as a company we need to keep pushing the boundaries. For example we need to search for more time with the customer – without always pushing for the sale. I believe the daily training method has been very effective at reinforcing the X10 concept. I would feel comfortable recommending the course to at east 10 people!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks – Kylie (business consultant)

For me the “total sum” of all the lessons has provided me with a platform for growth and continuous improvement. Focus, simplicity and repetition of business tools for immediate integration. The understanding that it is possible for me to X10 my business which I would have previously thought was not even remotely achievable. Also, the daily routine becomes daily habits.
Have a great week . . . .Jennelle (sales)

This has really got me thinking about the business l am in. Training is a key to the success of our business yet we only have 2 days a year. They are extremely beneficial days but are rarely put into practice. I can now start prioritising daily training to try and get a better result. I can also take some of the valuable concepts that l have learnt from you and start talking with other staff members and trying to get them to look at it. The thing that l like most about this training is the fact that l work for a new company that has only been selling for 6 months. I feel l have a real opportunity to apply this now into the business as we have been told we have to have 10% of the market by the end of next year. We have 1% at the moment and 10% seems daunting.

Hello Michael,
I’m sorry it took me so long to send you an answer for lesson 32. As I have written to you in the past, my company is installing new software and it took more time than expected with more glitches to fix than thought of initially. Following your course and implementing your suggestions have been the greatest rewards of my life. The problem is that it seems that the path of self-transformation is also a path of loss. Let me explain. I applied your suggestions in my job and I have improved my productivity at least 20 times over. What is interesting is that I have attracted not rewards or accolades but terrible displays of jealousy from my “former” colleagues and even my immediate supervisor! I have even received a pep talk from a colleague that my newfound “zealousness” is making the others look bad and I was warned to tone it down. Imagine! Initially, my supervisor was happy with the results until her supervisor asked that I be part of a task force and not she. Since that time, my supervisor seems to be on a warpath to find mistakes in my work. To the point that her supervisor has noticed the harassment….

To keep questioning myself and others around me, assessing my behaviour and to never assume that best solution has been reached – there’s always a better one, no matter how good the current view is. Thanks Michael, I have found this course extremely interesting and challenging.
Regards, Kellie (sales manager – primary customers)

I am going to change the way I start my day at work and work back to front, by changing the order of the work I do during the day. With this experiment I will see if I can fit everything in and still have time to take a minute or two out for myself.
Wendy (office administrator)

Since our sales are down and we are thinking about different sales campaigns l will go through our database and see who the most potential people for buying our product are and instead of just limiting the number to about 20 – l will x10 and endeavour to get about 200.
Robyn (sales)

I could bring some more business activity by doing 10 more checks using different means to contact my customers. This would have the added benefit of pleasing my employer equally, not that they would necessarily acknowledge this of course, but who cares I’d know.
James (postal services)

I think the most important thing in this training is that it teaches you the successful behaviour of increasing customer contact as an alternative to closing the sale’. This takes the pressure off the customer. At the same time, the more customer contact, the more chance of people saying YES to what I’m selling. It means putting a focus on the interaction with customers rather than stress on the decision of the customer. Just knowing this, I have done a more focused, complete job of interacting with the customer.
Adrian (recruitment consultant)

I would love to continue to get as much knowledge from you as I can. I also ordered your book but unfortunately have not received it yet. Your course has really changed the way I think and do things and brought me into a great turning point in my professional life.
Thank you from the deep of my heart

Hi Michael,
The last two months have enlightened me in a way that is both amazingly practical and ‘dangerously’ clever. I have to admit that I do not regard myself as a business but I do know that the businesses I work for are most surprised with my increased thinking power. Not to mention my personal life which has developed radical new insights and possibilities.

I understand that you choose the members of your X10 Club. Know that I chew on every word you write and that each e-mail from you is received here with great joy and considered mighty usefull and valuable.

Dr. Michael, your course is heaven sent but you should warn, at the very outset, that transformations do not only occur at the personal, psychological level but also at the social level. CVS to BVS… you should also include Current Social Position… to Better Social Position… When you change… you don’t know how much you change.
Thank you Dr. Michael for everything.

Without any doubt whatsoever, CVSTOBVS combined with 10X is just about the most powerful concept I have ever come across. When I first read about this concept, it was like a very bright light switching on in my mind. I intend to make this a permanent part of my everday life.

Your PTV ideas are fascinating too… Very similar to the concepts developed by Frank R. Wallace, who’s work, I’m sure you are aware of. And as you say, possibly the most important part of any new training is repetition… So, I’m going to take the course again, maybe 10X times.
All the best
Craig J. Hawkins

You definitely got me there. I have been procrastinating for ages. I have set up a web design/IT training company and I haven’t even bothered to put an ad in the paper. How sad but after reading this lesson, I am going to do something about it.
Jean Beeko

Since it is a last lesson I want to thank you Michael for this inspiring informative and extremely useful set of lectures. I also want to commend you on your high humanitarian standards which were expressed by your doing it all for free. I am convinced that it was a valuable experience for me. I am sure I will come back to your lectures in the future refreshing them in my mind. Very well may be that your personal guidance will be sought again. That is why I do not say “Farewell”, I say: “Till we meet again”. With gratitude
Sincerely yours,
Kim Kogan
P.S. Stranger things happened, so if you ever in Riga, Latvia please do let me know. I could be of help in many ways around here.

I’m a copywriter and forever looking for new angles on the same old stories, so I can easily see how applying CVS to BVS would be very useful. Today, I’m in the process of writing some direct mail letters for a large company offering a pretty standard service – I’ll use the old CVS to BVS for that.

I also used it (quite successfully) in the car today when I was just about to have a little go at my husband for something he did in the traffic – I used CVS to BVS to see that he (instead of being distracted and not seeing something coming up) is a very capable driver with very quick reactions – able to get himself out of sticky situations!

Well, good friends….
I see you as a highly intelligent person with his heart at the right place. The method you have developed is an excellent way of empowerment, it cuts the crap from the real issues and is a perfect way of leading ones life now and in coming years. A very honourable brainfuck (in the good sense of the word).

Indeed, the feedback replies are those things that keep one on track. As speaking for myself, I didn’t experience the feedback replies as ‘a pain in the arse’ for me it was more a delight and I was somewhat disturbed by your halt on the lessons in the week of the Bali-bombing. Yes, it was a horrible act of terrorism and needed to be cared for in terms of overthinking and mourning but for me, being on the other side of the world, it wasn’t such fortitude as it was for you so a few more explaining words for your international students on the subject would have been useful. Then again, I can fully understand your reaction to the happening and that it was important to you, as my mentor, to stop and continue one week later (very honourable time of mourning.) Respect.

I shall be frank and forward with you. Although I ate your lessons with great enthousiasm and feel that already now I pick the fruits of this seven week labour, I find it hard to find anyone else to try this course as well. My little research shows that although people are always looking for easier ways of obtaining their goal, they are also very afraid of setting their brainfunctions in a different order, even, or especially when they are given the tools to do it themselves.

So, good friend, you are probably laughing out loud for me taking this so serious, and you may, I found the last weeks an enjoyment and I will stick around. Whenever you need help, I am great in serving coffee, send me an e-mail. I feel honoured to have met you. Wish you lots of succes with this trainingprogram (Of which I will tell people I think they would be interested and good students.)
Have a mighty great day!
Thank you Sir,

Here are some of my results:
1) A stronger measurement of productivity at work. My email and phone statistics have increased.
2) I am more accepting of other people’s opinions. I allow others to have opinions that differ from my own. I am much less argumentative and it is difficult for others to bait me into an argument.
3) I have become much more participatory in Toastmasters. Through my repetition of participation, I am improving my public speaking skills.
4) I don’t get stuck in my CVS nearly as often as I used to. I have been transforming my CVS to a BVS with effectiveness.
5) I have a better understanding of why people are the way they are; i.e. PTV. Hence I am much more accepting of other peoples traits.

This is just damn fine writing! No wonder Dr de Bono is pissed off! This is playful, fun, imaginative, compelling, current, and in the lingo of our times. It runs circles around him in three dimensions. Bravo!

It is like good journalism, perceptive cultural anthropology. I am dazzled. Hot stuff! It has “Wild Success” written all over it. Have a nice day, Y’All…

My name is Jet Tribolet. I’m 16 years old and live in Simpsonville, South Carolina. I’m currently a student at Greenville Technical College with plans to transfer next fall to UNC-CH to get a PhD in computer science. My general interests include increasing my abilities and intelligence, altered states of consciousness, martial arts, and computers. The School of Thought sounds very interesting and seems promising. I look forward to the coming lessons.
– Jet Tribolet

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  1. Dear Michael,

    Thank you for making the world a better place by making people THINK.

    People with “blind belief” from birth will be the biggest winners when they go from CVS to BVS!


    Shan Guneratne

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