9 thoughts on “cvs2bvs – Escada Piano

  1. Quite clearly a better view…

    I stop and notice…a change of perception, and change of attitude, a change of expectation…

    Leading to an opportunity to appreciate the ordinary from a different view…and an ever better view.

  2. By definition – anything that makes you go “WOW”
    The individuation process, learning and growth,

    But I guess the biggest in human evolution so far is the invention of agriculture

  3. Humans love doing novel fun quirky things. It catches our interest and we are drawn to such things especially if there is no harm in them…just pure fun. For this one it is getting us to take the stairs in a fun and novel way. Unless you have a physical disability this will be well supported as it is different and has caught our interest. Plus for those who can actually play the piano…it could be very tuneful as well…a free concert!!! A very winning idea that pays dividends in loads of ways. All I can see is more please and when do we have more piano steps to play on??Excellent!!!

  4. The photo is fun and certainly a nice rethink of the stair steps. But I don’t see it as cvs2bvs.

    BVS means for me more value to the client or more efficiency or a more concrete improvement in performance. So people (particularly some over righteous types in the U.K.) might even argue that the white steps, where the edge is LESS visible for the pedestrian, are more dangerous than otherwise.

    So the fun factor has a counterweight is perhaps less visible steps.

  5. but the better view is from a safety angle. surely all that white stair would be an issue for some , with a white out effect. It must make it safe to tread up and down.

  6. I think the black strips represent a challenge to oneºs awareness to see other possibilities. Either walking the stairs or moving up through the escaltor is just a rotine behavior, while walking through the black stairs represents the courage to do and to see beyond the current reality – thatºs what cvs2bvs is all about. In other words, if you keep doing the same things over and over you will end up in a rut. By walking through the black stairs you do something different, you see what others do not see and accordingly, you enjoy your walking… To be successful either in life or in business you gotta see beyond the current situation or the current trends. Otherwise, you will get what you used to get in the past.

  7. I think this is a good example of turning something which could be perceived as a necessity into something which can either be fun, beautiful, or both .

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