SOT will be 30

On Tuesday 17th November the School of Thinking will celebrate its 30th birthday!

Since my time in the Army in the 60s during the Vietnam War I had become increasingly aware of the need to improve thinking skills through deliberate training and practise. The first time I was formally taught to think was in the Australian Army by instructors at Scheyville Officer Training Unit. These instructors taught a method called The Appreciation of the Situation using various methods and techniques primarily one called SMEAC which is a problem-solving technique still widely taught and used by NATO allies.

In New York on 17 November 1979 and based on my military experience, I presented my plan to Edward de Bono to create Thinking Instructors to teach thinking skills in schools, businesses and families around the world. Edward and I had a consulting business in New York at the time and so I invited him to partner with me on my idea.

For the past 30 years this idea has spread around the world and has now become the second largest program for the teaching of thinking in the world. In 2009 School of Thinking–now based on the internet at–exported over one million Thinking Lessons from Australia to 46 countries worldwide.

Of course, the Vatican’s 500-year mission–using missionaries to export its own European thinking system known as logic–is still easily the largest thinking program in history.

Senior Instructor SOT

Since its inception SOT has been pro bono and will continue to be so in 2010. However, there is a need (and a demand) for deeper and broader offerings in this field of study which will require fees and greater commitments from trainers and trainees.

To help meet this need we will be launching the Senior Instructor SOT (SISOT) program later this month.

Further details will be released on November 17. If you are interested in getting further involved with SOT click here: Senior Instructor SOT (SISOT).

4 thoughts on “SOT will be 30

  1. I congratulate you with your 30h anniversary. Last summer I graduated (Roehampton University) and wrote my dissertation (in English) about CoRT, de Bono’s program and the transfer of this thinking skill program. Furthermore a 16 year old (autistic) student of my was taught de Bono’s Six Hats and Cort and will be rewarded with the Dutch National Prize of being the most valuable student in the Netherlands being a member of schools advice counsil. My idea about doing research and an impression of what I did is filmed by Dutch television and broadcasted 4 weeks ago. Can be seen on the internet. I wish I could be in Australia.

    Peter van Kessel MA SEN

  2. Congratulations Michael.

    A few people in the whole world can be so legitimate proud to contribute with something valued to all of us.


  3. thank you michael,

    your cure courses,helped eliminate my plato truth virus,that i never
    beleived i had,until you showed me how to see it.cvs2bvs has been
    my daily mantra before i start,

    congradulations,happy 30th birthday x30 cvs2bvs into the future.

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