The human brain is amazing …

… (with or without formal education) when it’s suitably motivated for survival!

Recently Hollywood and the rest of the world were charmed and captivated by the kids in the movie Slumdog Millionaire.

Here’s an example of a streetseller in India, who never went to school, and who took over from his grandmother on a street corner selling souvenirs to tourists.

— Click here to watch both of these short videos on this ‘lingo kid’

4 thoughts on “The human brain is amazing …

  1. If my remembrance is correct Collin Rose said a ten year old boy/ girl can learn 14 languages. It is amazing this little boy has the talent. Wonderful. Congrats.

    P .Vijayachandran

  2. Another clear example of the Darwinian concept in action from a human perspective. I will learn that which is needed to survive. I bet the young person has improved the concepts, skills and strategies employed as a seller used by his Grandmother. Persistence is such a powerful tool.

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