What is Wolfram|Alpha?

From Stephen Wolfram’s new blog and project called Wolfram|Alpha

Our goal is to make all computable, factual knowledge available to everyone.

What Wolfram|Alpha does is compute on top of those facts–answering questions, solving equations, providing insights, projecting future behaviors, and more.

We believe the result is an extremely powerful way of harnessing the world’s knowledge and making it possible for anyone to benefit from that power.

Who is Stephen Wolfram?
Stephen Wolfram (born 29 August 1959 in London) is a British physicist, mathematician and businessman known for his work in theoretical particle physics, cosmology, cellular automata, complexity theory, and computer algebra.

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2 thoughts on “What is Wolfram|Alpha?

  1. Good plan, Mr. Wolfram. Finally we may be in a position to realize Bucky Fuller’s vision: when everybody has access to a computer and all available factual knowledge, there will no longer be any reason for anyone to believe the politicians and economists!

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