4 thoughts on “A Time for Change

  1. It’s really great! I hope that it doesn’t turn out to be a big let-down like it was with Tony Blair who who simply adopted right-wing policies in order to appease the establishment and later, to “suck up” to Bush.
    I am hopeful.

  2. I think whether we are let down will depend on our expectations. The world has changed and Obama is right we must change with it. To measure him according to previous presidents or to expect him to behave like others have in the past. That will mean we have not changed.

  3. Having read his book ‘Audacity of Hope’, my feelings are that this man will do everything within his power to bring about a new direction for the US to follow and hopefully the world. In every age or times of strife a leader is found to guide through the trials and trebulations that are occuring….I deeply believe Obama to be this very man and he will make very big history chapters of change for the entire world……but at the moment it is a case of wait and see!! And pray that I am right!! What he says feels right and that is enough for the moment to trust in him and give him time!! And big change takes big time!!

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