Pointers to a Healthy Brain

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The Healthy Brain Program, an initiative of the Brain Foundation, aims to assist Australians to keep their brains healthy into old age, through the provision of community education and research.

The program aims to address issues such as:

* People are living longer, and the prevalence of degenerative brain disorders is increasing.
* There is little information available about how to keep the brain healthy compared to the wealth of information about a healthy body and heart.
* There is a need for a coordinated approach to education on key indicators and risk reduction strategies.

The program aims to:

* Increase community awareness of the potential for improving the long term health of the brain through lifestyle changes and risk reduction strategies.
* Promote recognition of risk reduction strategies.
* Motivate the attitudinal changes needed for the development of a healthy brain lifestyle.

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  1. This is a new area that has long needed its own field of expertise and attention….very welcome news. This needs to spread globally and then the research shared more!! Great fast advancements can be made then for the betterment of everyone!!

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