WORLD THINKING: what is world thinking?

World thinking is the thinking of ALL the people in the world.

There are many different and parallel worlds.

There is the cosmos. The natural universal world.

There is the world on Earth. The 1.8 million species of the animal world. The world of plants. There is the human world. There is the world of your family, your school, your gang, your sports club, your partner, your enemy, your nation and the street where you live.

And most poignant and immediate of all, there is the cognos, the world of thinking inside your head!

One of the world’s most authentic examples of world thinking is the Gallup World Poll.

The late Professor George Gallup founded the Gallup Poll at Princeton, New Jersey, which became the world’s first system to objectively and scientifically measure public and customer opinion. He was also the inventor of market research and the ultimate saviour of the customer.

2 thoughts on “WORLD THINKING: what is world thinking?

  1. In the video about the World poll it said that the information could be used to get world consensus on actions.I wonder if this is possible,I mean would we actually use that information to foster world cooperation?

  2. Thanks for waking me up to The World.

    World Thinking means getting away from myself; away from I, me & myself. It’s not easy to get away from our ‘own’ ego. And we are in the world together.

    And it is thinking about ALL the people in the World … Wow! Help me to have this World Thinking.

    Living in The WORLD

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