Staff Training at Primary School

On Friday, Michael was invited by the Principal of Oakleigh Primary School, Cheryl Sanders, to conduct a training session on ‘teaching thinking skills’ for the teaching staff.

I haven’t seen the staff so attentive for a long time. Ten minutes and you had them eating out of your hand or ‘hey this is not another boring presenter’!! Thank you for these resources they will be well used. I am glad that you are able to visit again and build on what you started. We will all look forward to meeting up again“, wrote the Principal at the end of the program.

5 thoughts on “Staff Training at Primary School

  1. India needs a delibrate training for “teachink thinking skill” to teaching staffs at all levels from Primary Education to University Education.
    P R Ambedkar

  2. Well done Oakleigh!!! Obviously Assie teachers are not running in circles after their own tails being politically correct so affording time to think for themselves and teach others to do the same. What a great idea!

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