The Pale Blue Dot

Recession! Depression! Greed! Plague! Epidemic! War! Terror! Crusade! Victory! Glory! Triumph! …

If you’d like to take 3 minutes to watch something that helps you put everthing into perspective, let me prescribe a dose of Carl Sagan’s enlightened message … The Pale Blue Dot.

•••Â  Click here to watch … and then … think!

6 thoughts on “The Pale Blue Dot

  1. Recession ! Depression! Bring it on !
    I remember speaking to a group of TV executives and having the temerity to suggest there might be a place for a good news programme – not even a channel but a mere programme! – and I was dismissed out of hand. The media has a lot to answer for….
    Why should there not be a home for films like this ?

  2. It does leave me in total wonder,amazement and awe, that we could be so blind to the reality of our situation. I am stupefied at ‘mans inhumanity to man’ and cannot recall a time when I didn’t wonder at it. This document puts it into clear unquestionable perspective. Thank you for directing us to it.

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