US Presidential Elections, November 2008

OK. Here’s a gift for you–one of my secret weapons. The Gallup Poll.

The Gallup Poll at Princeton has an unequalled track record in scientifically measuring public opinion and predicting outcomes of US Elections for over 70 years.

I check this every day or so. It’s much more accurate than the spins of the various biased media reports. Gallup are also useful in researching other issues as well.

14 thoughts on “US Presidential Elections, November 2008

  1. While polls are useful at times, the result that counts is the result that happens on election day. Polls can sometimes distort the outcome because at the time that the polls are taken some people have not made up their minds and the polls can influence them in a particular direction.

  2. i find polls fasinating but unsubtantiated at this stage. there are so many people with poles, they are not always correct. I Gallup the market leader ?

  3. Thank you for asking my comment.

    It is wonderful and exciting to watch the events till Nov. 4th. Whatever be the poll verdict, people should accept it and cooperate for the smooth functioning of the Government. Democracy is for the people and by the people . Trust the leader.

    P. Vijayachandran.

  4. As a Canadian I am much more interested in the results above the border, as we too are facing an election. The results in the states will/does have an impact on my country so we are always interested to some degree.
    I look forward to seeing the final tally as it looks like a rough ride ahead both above and below the border. Neither has a shoo in.

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