Quote of the Day – Prince Talleyrand

Prince Talleyrand was one of history’s greatest diplomats. The lasting peace between traditional enemies–England and France–has continued for over 150 years as a result of his actions.

His quote is: Only fools never change their minds”. (from Napoleon’s Master: A Life of Prince Talleyrand)

What about you? What have you changed your mind about?

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15 thoughts on “Quote of the Day – Prince Talleyrand

  1. That I didn’t have much to call upon to form a few vital metastories. Not so. Plenty of material is coming through now. Unlike my earlier opinion – this new process can probably work for me, too.

  2. I am willing to sit back and let some one else walk into the job that I had been doing for years with out training. But because the potential for growth has started to become reality my Manager believes some one with higher exprience should be brough in to do my job.

  3. I am constantly changing my mind & admit I can be a procrastinator however at other times it is impossible to change my mind. Perhaps I need to look at those time where I won’t change my mind. …see I’m changing my mind about changing my mind already

  4. Absolutely. I have changed my mind at times if it resulted in a better outcome after a reassessment of the situation on hand.
    I took my family to a non-profit community based restaurant for lunch instead of a fancy restaurant so that they appreciate better values. After our meal, they thanked me for it as it created awareness within them.

  5. well i do change my mind with the dynamics of the situation and time . i have changed my mind about leading my life .

  6. i am always aware of being required to change my mind. i make a decision based on a number of facts present at the time of making a decision, and is someone later presents me with a different view or information i perviously did not have, then certainly i will change my mind if required

  7. My thoughts about my life, whether I can do things or otherwise. Its great challenging pre-help beliefs and moving to a higher level.

  8. I have changed my mind about my attitude towards others. Now ,I genuinely love others regardless of how they behave to me. Over the years, I have learned that unconditional love leads to peace of mind and hence happiness.

  9. I do things based on my understanding and that goes along with acquiring new knowledge and that is a continuous process. We can call that as change; which is an evitable part of life.

  10. As more information, knowledge & experience comes to hand it only makes sense to change one’s mind & form new opinions. I’ve changed my mind about people, governments, police, laws, social practices, etc. on numerous occassions.

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