Are you a speed thinker?

Are you a slow thinker or a speed thinker?

Some people are slow thinkers, not because their brain (hardware) is slow but because they are using very outdated and slow thinking methods (software).

What about you?

First, answer these five questions with either a YES or a NO:

• In any situation can you instantly know how you feel about it?
YES                     NO
• When criticised can you quickly defend your opinions?
YES                     NO
• Is it easy for you to see the mistakes in the thinking of others?
YES                     NO
• Are you good at convincing others when you are right?
YES                     NO
• In deciding, can you see the obvious alternatives and choose the best one?
YES                     NO

If you answered YES to any of these questions then chances are your thinking is much slower than it need be and you can easily double your speed of thought.

Why is this so?

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4 thoughts on “Are you a speed thinker?

  1. as a computer/business process analyst , i have practised, all my career, to not draw a conclusion too early in a study, but to investigate and reveal all the facts before making a final recommendation. I find this now takes over my life and i naturally do not rush to any summation without having taken the time to think everything through. i dont think it’s slow but more thorough

  2. There is room for improvement – I thought I must be slow when I gave mostly No answers & then had the surprise when I read the next paragraph

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