greyscale thinking: Is it true?

In our exploding world of cybermedia with peer2peer messaging at the speed of light, I believe that the global epidemic spread of lies may be one of the most serious challenges facing long-term human survival.

I believe this challenge needs to be taken very seriously and could be considered to be of a threat level similar to that of Avian or Bird Flu. Many scientists share this view.

As an antidote, I am now putting forward a new thinking methodology to help meet this challenge. To follow on from the previous SOT thinking tools, thinking hats and brain software, this new tool is called: greyscale thinking: how to sort a truth from a lie.

What Makes A Great Teacher?

I was recently contacted by a young man in London who is a teacher/coach and personal trainer/consultant. He is in the early stages of his career and he sought my advice. He asked me this question: What makes a great teacher? That is a very good question. It’s exactly the question he should be asking as he embarks on this vocation.

My response to him was this: While there are many things that can make a teacher a much better one there is one non-negotiable, one litmus test, which defines a great teacher. This test is about how the teacher’s performance stacks up to the BIG question: IS IT TRUE?

Is It True?

Is what the teacher is teaching a TRUTH or a LIE? The answer to this question is what sorts out the frauds from the professors. If this test is passed then the teacher can be a great teacher if not then the teacher will always be a failure … in my view.

Making Claims

Anyone can make a claim. All sorts of claims are made in business, in science, in religion, in families, in governments, in education, in politics, in the media. But is it a true claim? Or, is the claim a lie? How do we know? Does it even matter?

Yes. It does matter whether a claim is a truth or a lie. For example, many people believe things which are dangerous lies. These lies may have been protected from thinking for hundreds of years. These lies all have consequences which may range from deception to dementia to death.

Like a brainvirus, these lies can infect the brains of very young children. This is happening right now to millions of children as you read this article. I do believe that the global epidemic spread of lies may one of the most serious challenges facing long-term human survival.

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Greyscale Thinking

To help meet this challenge I am introducing the idea of greyscale thinking (US grayscale). Greyscale thinking is simple, fast and scientific. Anyone, anywhere and anytime can use greyscale thinking to help sort out a truth from a lie.

Any child can learn to use it. Greyscale thinking can be taught to kids by parents and by teachers. Any employee can learn to use it. Greyscale thinking can be taught to employees by managers and business leaders.

The idea of greyscale thinking is: claim divided by questions equals truth or lie. This idea can be expressed as the formula c÷q=t>l.

This means that once a ‘claim’ is made it can then be subjected to ‘questioning’. Questioning reveals whether the claim is closer to being either a ‘truth’ or a ‘lie’.

Six True Questions

SIX TRUE QUESTIONS: The methodology of greyscale thinking is the cognitive skill or habit of putting a CLAIM to the SIX TRUE QUESTIONS: What and Where and When and Why and How and Who – (Click here for more on the questions).

The answers to each of the 6 questions moves the CLAIM to and fro along the greyscale continuum: | a TRUTH -  w? w? w? w? h? w?  – a LIE |


|  a TRUTH               •                    •                       •                      •              a LIE |


The answers to each of the 6 questions indicate, on the balance of the evidence, whether the CLAIM is more likely to be a TRUTH or more likely to be a LIE.

MAIN POINT: You will have noticed we are saying “a truth” rather than “The Truth”. Searching for truth is a journey and not a destination. We are more concerned with being right than being righteous. No individual brain can ever contain perfect knowledge of all possible facts. No brain can ever know the contents of the other people’s brains who are also involved in the situation.  No brain can ever be have ownership of The Truth. And, that’s the point.

The rule of science is that you can have a good idea today, a better idea tomorrow, and the best idea … never! Why? Because there are always more facts to uncover–more opinions, more priorities, more options, more consequences, more positives, more negatives, more objectives, more measurements, and more experiments that can be tested. History has shown this to be a truth.

It is the deliberate effort one makes to move closer to a truth and to move further away from a lie that produces all the benefits of greyscale thinking.

No claim should ever be protected from questioning

Any claim that has ever been made in all of history and any claim that ever will be made can be illuminated, examined, investigated and accepted or rejected using the 6 true questions of greyscale thinking: What and Where and When and Why and How and Who – (Click here for more on the questions).

China Walks in Space

JIUQUAN, China (AP) — China successfully launched a three-man crew into space Thursday to carry out the country’s first spacewalk, beginning the nation’s most challenging space mission since it first sent a person into space in 2003.

The Shenzhou 7 mission was the first to carry a full complement of three astronauts, one of whom will perform China’s first space walk, or EVA for “extra-vehicular activity.”

Shenzhou 7 is China’s third manned mission.

This sends the big message to the global market that China is now in the satellite business and can offer an alternative to other suppliers. After all, if China can successfully send humans into space then it can also send satellites.

liberals vs conservatives?

What is the real difference? …  with Jonathan Haidt

•• Click here for his TED talk:

Psychologist Jonathan Haidt studies the five moral values that form the basis of our political choices, whether we’re left, right or center.

In this eye-opening talk, he uses his research to answer this question:

What are the moral values that liberals and conservatives tend to honor most.

His Moral Foundations Theory looks at the way morality varies between cultures and identifies five fundamental moral values shared to a greater or lesser degree by different societies and individuals. These are;

1.  Care for others, protecting them from harm
2.  Fairness, Justice, treating others equally.
3.  Loyalty to your group, family, nation
4.  Respect for tradition and legitimate authority.
5.  Purity, avoiding disgusting things, foods, actions.

Measure Your Morals

•• Click here and you can learn about your own morality while contributing to scientific research on moral psychology.

Many aspects of personality are related to morality. Many aspects of behavior are influenced by moral motives. And many conflicts and misunderstandings are driven by differences in morality. But rather than simply telling you these things, we want you to see for yourself. After each questionnaire or experiment you complete, we’ll give you an immediate report on how you scored, and what your score means.

TENPOWER: The Powers of Ten

Just ask the question: How can I X10 this?

Tenpower is a measurement tool. Measurement is a very important skill for the brainuser to develop. It’s also an escape mechanism in finding a way out of our CVS.

For example, a BVS is a decimal of a CVS. A CVS is also a decimal of a BVS. In other words, they are related by powers of ten. Sometimes a BVS is ten times smaller than a CVS. Other times it is ten times greater.

images.jpg The deliberate or habitual use of the number 10 is called Tenpower.

Ten times better may be ten times more, or ten times less, or ten units forward or ten units back. It’s the deliberate use of tenpower as a provocation to get you to escape from your CVS.

Tenpower helps you to switch patterns of perception. That’s all. While it is not important that the number ten is accurately used, its use is a powerful escape mechanism. Tenpower is simple and powerful but it’s not easy.

Just add a zero and take an X10 leap with tenpower!

Bishops say ‘Sorry’ to Darwin … after 150 years!

Daily Mail UK: In a belated act of christian charity, the Church of England will tomorrow officially apologise to Charles Darwin for misunderstanding his theory of evolution.

In a bizarre step, the Church will address its contrition directly to the Victorian scientist himself, even though he died 126 years ago. But the move was greeted with derision last night, with Darwin’s great-great-grandson dismissing it as ‘pointless’ and other critics branding it ‘ludicrous’.

Jack Welch on cvs2bvs

cvs2bvs is the Universal Brain Software.

–You can download your own copy by clicking here–

In business, Jack Welch was the most famous advocate of cvs2bvs in the US.

The Think Switch

He used cvs2bvs at GE to help him change the culture of a 100-year-old manufacturer to the most valuable company (at the time he left it) in the history of the world!

I was invited to GE soon after he became chairman and CEO. In the 1980s I spent several years, at his request, installing the cvs2bvs brain software at GE. He wrote to me saying, “I would love to have a management team that really understood the cvs2bvs equation. It’s the ‘value-added’ role in the management process”.

In his book about his time at GE called, Jack (Warner Books 2001), he wrote, “It would make each of us wake up with the goal of “Finding a Better Way Every Day”. It was a phrase that became a slogan, put up on the walls of GE factories and offices around the world”.

Jack also used cvs2bvs in crisis management   situations and on one very serious occasion involving a crisis between GE and Reagan’s Defense secretary, Caspar Weinberger, Jack asked me to meet with him privately, in Manhattan, to apply cvs2bvs to finding a solution.

He also told me that it helped him design new concepts like ‘Boundarylessness’ and ‘Work-Out’. He wrote, “Suddenly, “Finding a Better Way Every Day” wasn’t just a slogan. It was the essence of boundaryless behaviour, and it defined our expectations”. Jack was famous for the little hand-written notes he would send to people. He sent me several and the one I prized the most was, “Michael, you are a friend of our company”.

images.jpeg Triathletes use cvs2bvs to get better (and ‘better’ means more clever) at swimming, cycling and running. 1998 Canadian Ironman, Shane Smith, won his medal at Penticton BC and presented it to me because he said he used cvs2bvs to plan his strategy to win it. I still have it hanging on my wall because it is the only triathlon award I’m ever likely to see.

Others use the cvs2bvs brain software to get better at relationships and parenting. Scientists use it for better researching and designing better experiments. You can use it to become better at listening, better at solving business problems, better at selling, better at creating opportunities, better at making decisions, better at handling family matters, better at dealing with personal situations, better at getting better, better at anything!

Olympic Gold medalist, Peter Vidmar, was another sports advocate of cvs2bvs. Peter is the highest scoring American gymnast in Olympic history and he was the first ever to get a perfect 10 in gymnastics and did so at the XXIII Olympiad Los Angeles in 1984. He used to say, “CVS to BVS plus ROV!

Gymnasts, Peter explained, were rated on Risk, Originality and Virtuosity or ROV. At that time, all Olympians were presented with a beautiful full-colour, hardbound Commemorative Book by the IOC as a souvenir of their participation in the games. In appreciation, Peter presented his copy to me with the inscription, “CVS to BVS + ROV”.

cvs2bvs is the Universal Brain Software.

–You can download your own copy by clicking here–

Australia’s new Governor-General …

Australia is a constitutional monarchy created by The Majority of Electors of 1900. The Governor-General is Head of State and The Queen is Sovereign.

Although Australia has had a female sovereign for over 50 years, Her Excellency Ms Quentin Bryce AC, the 25th Governor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, will be the first female to hold the role.

Over the last 100 years Australia’s 25 governors-general were one prince, two earls, two viscounts, seven barons and nine knights, plus an archbishop, a politician and a major-general. The new governor-general is a lawyer and academic.

••• Click here for more about Australia’s unique constitution …

US Presidential Elections, November 2008

OK. Here’s a gift for you–one of my secret weapons. The Gallup Poll.

The Gallup Poll at Princeton has an unequalled track record in scientifically measuring public opinion and predicting outcomes of US Elections for over 70 years.

I check this every day or so. It’s much more accurate than the spins of the various biased media reports. Gallup are also useful in researching other issues as well.