An additional lobe for your brain?

I think a new era begins today. A genuine quantum leap. A real tangential break-away.

What if you could hold in your hand a magic wand that could, in effect, give you an additional lobe to your brain?

What if, like Aladin, you could just tap it with your finger to make it work for you?

Well, abracadabra … you can. It’s a magic wand: an additional lobe for your brain.

It’s called the iPhone3G … from Steve Jobs and his clever team …


Is it true? Is it really that good?

Yes, it is!

It can help you escape like never before.

It can help you search like never before.

It can help you think, like never before.

And, mirabile dictu, just like your brain it’s completely portable. You can take it with you wherever you go.

Watch how many people throw away their Blackberries in the coming weeks and months. I’m throwing mine away today and replacing it with an additional lobe to my brain, god knows I can use one!

• Check it out here …

9 thoughts on “An additional lobe for your brain?

  1. This is great! It is high time that we stop giving up our minds to machines and take back and enhance our own brains.

  2. I can hardly wait to get mine as well…now if only my country were included in the launch. but, that only means more time to prepare and the extra money to acquire this beauty. thank you!

  3. never felt the need of a blackberry and don’t want to be so reliant on a piece of technology t I don’t trust my own thinking processes

  4. As a Mac evangelist, I cannot wait to get my hands on an iphone. I trust it will help me escape, search creatively and think better!

  5. there is no doubt technology willcontinue to advance in amazing ways and at an amazing pace…but let us make sure we as creators and innovators stay in control of it

  6. Impressive, great features, incredible access, etc, etc. Unfortunately the cost of purchase and yearly operation will be very high. Does everyone ‘need’ one? Are they a ‘must have’? Only if you have plenty of resources!

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