HUMOUR: Ask the question:
What is quite funny about this?

Humour involves the appreciation of oddness.

In humour there is the willingness to enjoy seeing the OTHER SIDE of things, the willingness to see fresh points of view, to see them and appreciate them without necessarily feeling the need to adopt them as one’s own.

Humour includes flexibility in the way we can look at information, the humour of creativity, and the humour of insight. Humour means seeing things in a different way. Appreciating the value of differences.

Smiling often reflects a sense of humour and amusement

There’s the humour of wisdom, the humour of balance and tolerance, the humour of plurality. The enjoyment of surprise, chance and variety. The good mood, the sound of laughter, good humour and good health.

7 thoughts on “THINKTIP: HUMOUR

  1. If someone is reading this who has no sense of humour, they probably wouldn’t find it funny at all, so that’s funny

  2. humour balances our lives, gives us perspective, allows each one of us to laugh at ourselves and not take ourselves too seriously

  3. A holiday refreshes body and soul. Humour refreshes the thinking process. How often have people missed golden opportunities because they lack the ability to enlarge the scope of thinking, and to make connections simply they cannot escape the prison of their own thoughts. The art of good communication start with LISTENING. And if you do, you will become aware of the inexactitude of words we sometimes use.

    Humour allow us to navigate the gaps left by the inadequacy of words and use it as a tool to build rapport and trust. It also loosens the lid on our own thinking process to allow new ideas, and a sense of fun to carry us in new direction. Humour is the evidence of active listening and negotiation of what is possible.

  4. Living without humour – couldn’t imagine it! Thinking about the funny side of things and having a good laugh is what gets me through each day! Involving other people and making them laugh creates a great environment and keeps everything moving along!

  5. Very insightful. Also I feel humour is situation specific, culture specific and also mood specific. What can make something humourous is absolutely specific to some of these above. Then it is also important to PINPOINT what is the ‘element of fun’ in something. Look at this –

    one person steps out of his house and sees a banana peel on his way. He shouts out – LOOK, IT SEEMS, I HAVE TO FALL AGAIN TODAY.

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