Leaders of leaders

Yesterday, in Canberra, I was invited to work with a very interesting and unique group of leaders of leaders.


These were 24 men and women–Australia’s creme de la creme of the current generation of military leaders. All were recently promoted to General, Flag or Air rank (Generals and equivalent) rewarding outstanding Army/Navy/Air Force careers in war and in the field. They have been promoted to Canberra and will be leading Australia’s defence for the next decade.

What a dream class! They dived in without hesitation to the session and I was able to challenge them with stuff that one rarely gets the chance to use in even the most senior of business groups. I did have fun.

I asked an Iraq War veteran if he could explain succinctly what was the kind of warfare the coalition were up against in Iraq. Here he gave his ’25-words or less’ lesson in warfare. He said, “The enemy have 27 million targets. We have 1000 targets. That’s the problem we are working to solve”.

We all have our problems, of course, but that’s a REAL problem to have to solve!

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