Cover Story: NATURE: Scientists complete genetic map of the platypus

NATURE: “It’s probably the most eagerly awaited genome since the chimp genome because platypuses are so weird,” said Professor Jenny Graves of the Australian National University in Canberra. She is one of the co-authors of the study published in the scientific journal Nature.

“There was a fork in the road and the platypus went one way and humans and other placental mammals went another”, says the research leader Jenny Graves.


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SOT congratulates Professor Jenny Graves and her team on their outstanding achievment in the exciting field of genomic science. Scientists hope their findings will lead to a greater understanding of human DNA.


Professor Jenny Graves was also the 2007 recipient

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  1. We know now for sure that it is thinking that will change the world. It is drawing conclusions, experimenting and brain-storming which will further enhance and enlargethe spectrum of seeing things understanding them and continue an ever-evolving process of revealing the origin of matter.

  2. The platypus has fascinated me since childhood and I always wanted to find out more about this mysterious being!

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