What is the essence of strategy?

When it comes to training, continuity gets the best results.

MusashiPhoto.jpg The great Samurai, Musashi, wrote, “The essence of strategy is to train day and night”.

Most of us don’t need to be trained at the level of the Samurai but in a competitive world we do need some edge. The best way to secure that ‘unfair advantage’ is daily training.

Ten Minutes A Day!
Even 10 minutes a day, every day, will put you on top. If you have a continuous training system that gives you the opportunity for daily training you have a guaranteed strategy for success.

The School of Thinking’s daily training system is a simple example of continuous training.

150 Years at Melbourne Grammar School

mgs_logo_sesq.gif School of Thinking congratulates Melbourne Grammar School on celebrating its Sesquicentenary–150 years in education today!

I attended the Official Opening of the Nigel Peck Centre for Learning and Leadership by the Premier of Victoria, The Hon John Brumby.

Since 2006, SOT has been contributing to the MGS Leadership program by providing resources for training in thinking skills.

Many MGS students and faculty have participated in SOT training