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  1. One cant imagine yourself on earth while looking at these pictures , incredible , falls short to describe it.

  2. It’s a fake.
    Everyone knows now that NASA has a photraphic studio set up in Hollywood for such pics. (see “That’s one small step for man …” pic.)
    Not serious … great picture.
    Michael Searles

  3. Fly and Look out of the widow of the mind for the abundance that lay beyond the realms of human visibility and therefore, even the human thought.

  4. Totally amazing. It demonstrates that earth is only a small part of the universe. Gives me a different view of our world and my thinking.

  5. I love the picture of the Hurricane. When you look at it through the eyes of an astronaut from outer space (can you get more ‘big picture’ than that?) I realise that Hurricanes are natural. They happen the same way that whirlpools form in the bath when you pull out the plug. It’s the way our beautiful world is.
    I take two things from that photo. Firstly, scale. From way up in space a hurricane looks like a whirlpool – and just as beautiful and harmless. But if you were on the ground when that was passing by? I’d wager it might be a different story.
    Secondly, who is to blame? Can be blame Mother Nature for doing what she does? Can we blame God for the way he created our world? Or are we the ones at fault? Do we blame nature for being natural while we stand in the way? Are we, by not acknowleging the rhythms of nature and not making an effort to live in harmony with it – on some and every level – to blame for not doing so? Just a thought..

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