THE BOOK: “cvs2bvs: software for your brain”.

Long before The God Delusion and even before The Da Vinci Code there was Software For Your Brain!

Start 2008 with this valuable freebie! Give the gift that gives back ten times more: give Software For Your Brain to all your family and colleagues, friends and enemies.

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Read. Enjoy. Escape.

The God Delusion was published in 2006 and The Da Vinci Code was published in 2003. In 1989, the best-seller, Software For The Brain (Wrightbooks 1989), was first published by Michael Hewitt-Gleeson 18 years ago in Australia and internationally and is now in its Fourth Edition.

This book is a freebie from the School of Thinking with our compliments. It presents the ‘universal brain software’ which is currently the most powerful brain software in the world.

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