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David Long of Fairport Area Swim Team wrote this piece as a college admission essay, and plans on attending Colgate University.

Long’s piece, reprinted below, is about how swimming is a thinking man’s sport. It truly gives you time to contemplate your life while training.

My sport is thinking. Others go out to the baseball diamond, others to the track, and yet others to the basketball court; I go to the pool to swim and think. While my practice routine changes from day to day, the one common theme is thinking; thinking during the hour-long car ride into Fairport, thinking during the two hour practice, thinking on the way home, thinking at night in bed.

Don’t get me wrong; I certainly love the swimming and time with my friends, but …

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  1. Thanks for the link. I really liked David’s piece when he submitted it for publication. Glad he took the time to write in.

    Jason Marsteller
    Managing Editor
    Swimming World Magazine

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