Cricket Thinking: A Tipping Point?

The national and international debate caused by the Sydney Test has led to polls in Australia showing up to 47% voting against the Australian side.


This sudden 47% loss of support by Australians for the Australian Team on this issue is an extraordinary result! However, it may be a classic example of a tipping point.

It may be less likely that this poll reflects just the events of the past few weeks but more likely a gradual build-up of thinking over recent years.

Tim Lane of The Age seems to support this view: The public intervention this week of John Bertrand, Herb Elliott and Rob de Castella was, I suspect, not the result of a spur-of-the-moment reaction but of a growing frustration.

5 thoughts on “Cricket Thinking: A Tipping Point?

  1. The whole matter bordered on national hysteria. Peter Roebuck for example wanted to have the Australian captain sacked…….lucky Peter R is not a tennis writer ..what would he do about Lleyton Hewitt’s court manners.

    It is after all just a game played by highly paid professional sportsmen none of whom have been trained for the diplomatic corp all ;of whom have been trained to PTO at their sport ,cricket.

    The only thing that upsets me about the cricket is Tony Grieg and Co from the Nine network selling worthless memorabilia ..The fact they sell is really worrying!

  2. It is our constituents who will, at the end of the day, dictate our level of professionalism whether it be in sport, business or in our personal lives. Not to listen to them, especially if it is a contrary view, may well be the beginning of the end of the professional respect we are afforded.

  3. Human nature seems to rally with the fighter till they become the victor and then it is seen that they are cocky so then we go back to supporting the one fighting their way up.. Rather than congratualte the winner for their result and still help to support the one coming up in the ranks trying to succeed.

  4. I think we miss the point about ALL sport; IT’S ONLY A GAME.
    Perhaps the sad little people who vicariously live their lives should through these people should try and get out a bit more.

  5. Yes change is looming the australian team must listen to the voice of reason and realise that they don’t own the game, it belongs to the the fans and they have spoken.

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