One Million Thinking Lessons in 2007 …

In 2007, more than one million thinking lessons were exported online from Melbourne, Australia to SOT members in more than 51 countries including: Australia, United States, United Kingdom, India, Canada, New Zealand, China, Malaysia, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Philippines, Spain, South Africa, Singapore, Ireland, Sweden, Japan, Belgium, Ghana, Uganda, France, Mexico, Nigeria, Finland, Israel, Korea, Republic of, Norway, Czech Republic, Italy, The Vatican, Egypt, Brazil, Europe, Austria, New Caledonia, United Arab Emirates, Romania, Hungary, Dominican Republic, Cambodia, Luxembourg, Thailand, Macedonia, Cameroon, Azerbaijan, Qatar and The Bahamas.

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7 thoughts on “One Million Thinking Lessons in 2007 …

  1. This is an astounding result,but well deserved for an excellent effort with a hell of a lot put in and on the line.Hip hip Hooray.

  2. Imagine if we all thought about something and expended some effort to make a difference. It would be a global mind bliz.

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