Cognocracy: the ‘opt-in-opt-out’ world beyond democracy!

Twenty-six years ago I coined the term cognocracy to mean ‘a society of individuals who think for themselves’. I did this to anticipate the coming ‘opt-in-opt-out revolution’ empowered by technology and ‘peer2peer’ thinking.

In an interview for Reason Magazine (October 1982) with Patrick Cox I explained what I meant by cognocracy:as communications technology improves and people acquire the tools to think for themselves, systems such as democracy, socialism, and communism–where a few do the thinking for the many, who are, if anything, asked simply to vote on other people’s ideas–will be replaced by societies of individuals who think for themselves.”

October 1982 Oct ’82

The advent of the www has made it possible to directly link technology to global brainpower. This is accelerating a move away from the slow and traditional ‘follow-the-leader’ democracies towards fast opt-in-opt-out cognocracies.

Opt-in-opt-out cognocracies are open to anyone, anywhere, anytime … 24/7.

Early examples of peer2peer and opt-in-opt-out cognocracies in evolution can be seen at Wikipedia, Facebook, Google, eBay, YouTube, Blogger and LimeWire.

Watch this space!

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