Don’t Forget to Back Up Your Brain

From Fox News:
As any Baby Boomer will tell you, Americans have more information to cram into their memories than ever. Yet, as we age, our capacity for recall grows weaker.

But what if you could capture every waking moment of your entire life, store it on your computer and then recall digital snapshots of everything you’ve seen and heard with just a quick search?

Renowned computer scientist Gordon Bell, head of Microsoft’s Media Presence Research Group and founder of the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley, thinks he might be able to do just that.

He calls it a “surrogate memory,” and what he considers an early version of it even has an official name – MyLifeBits.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Forget to Back Up Your Brain

  1. I’m slightly worried about this – people might be so distracted by literally living in the past that they forget about the present.

  2. Although I suppose it is good to reflect, and its not technically a whole lot different to, say, a photo album…

  3. More important than what we’ve seen and heard is what we’ve thought, felt, said and done throughout our life.

    A daily diary of these variables can actually change our life for the better. Especially if we are able to see and feel the result of our words and deeds on the people around us.

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