1000 Accountants in Canberra ..

Today, I was invited to Canberra (Australia’s Capital) to lecture to an audience of over 1000 accountants in the National Convention Centre.

I discussed a number of themes including the need for a BVS–a much better way of looking at how we value the assets of a company.

Amazingly, most of today’s investment and business decisions are still based on an invention that has not yet been updated for over 500 years!


In Venice in 1494, a Franciscan monk and Leonardo Da Vinci collaborator, Fra Luca Pacioli, invented double-entry bookkeeping and published the world’s first textbook on accounting principles and practice. Ever since, this has been the basis of investment decisions. Double-entry bookkeeping shows a map of how money and goods flow through a business.

But it has a major flaw. It is blind to the Intellectual Capital of the business, most of which walks out the door at 5pm every afternoon.

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